You do NOT need to pay for initial inspections, annual inspections, and emergency inspections.

You only need to pay the $75 fee if you meet the following criteria:

Annual Inspection: Result - Fail Owner OR Result - Fail Both


Re-Inspection: Result - Fail Owner


2nd Re-Inspection: $75 Fee Due

If you do not meet the criteria above, do NOT make the $75 payment.

** NOTE - If the Re-Inspection above was a Result - Fail Both or Fail Participant, do NOT make the $75 payment, contact the CHA Inspections Call Center at 312-935-2600 to schedule your next appointment. If you have any questions regarding inspection results, you can review results at or via the CHA Call Center at 312-935-2600.

If you would like to proceed with payment processing, please click "Proceed" below.